Sake Store

This is where you can purchase Sake merchandise, pay for boat rentals and be able to pay your membership dues (coming soon). All items may be paid for by check made payable to "Club Sake". If paid by check, Paypal fees do not apply.


One Year $90.00 + $3.00 Paypal Fees = $93.00
Two Years $170.00 + $5.25 Paypal Fees = $175.25
Three Years $245.00 + $7.50 Paypal Fees = $252.50
TSNW Members, Full-time Students, Seniors (55 years and above) $60.00 + $2.00 Paypal Fees = $62.00
Half Year (New members after June 30th including TSNW members, students and seniors) $50.00 + $1.75 Paypal Fees = $51.75


Merchandise is to be picked up from Gordon Hom. He will contact you to make arrangements once payment is made. Merchandise questions are to be sent to Gordon Hom.

Grey Owl High Performance Paddle $50.00 + $1.75 Paypal Fees = $51.75


Please contact Club Sake prior to payment for rental.

Two Hour Rental $800 Contact