Dragon Boat

SAKE Women in Portland in 2022.  Photo ©Eileen Shattuck, courtesy of Portland Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat is Club SAKE’s primary paddling activity. It is a centuries-old sport that originated in China, and is one of the fastest-growing team water sports in the world. It is accessible to all people of all skill levels and physical abilities. It has been shown to be particularly beneficial to cancer survivors, for whom the built-in support system from the team environment is an important component, in addition to the physical activity. No experience is necessary to give it a try, and the club provides equipment for beginners.

Club SAKE dragon boat practices are year-round.  Practices are Tuesdays at 630pm and Saturdays at 9am for those interested in elevated workouts, or in training for dragon boat racing.  Extra weekly sessions are often added during the racing season between April and October. There are practices with a more recreational focus on Thursdays at 11am and Saturdays at 8am.  Survivor SAKE, our team of women cancer survivors, practices Saturdays at 9am all year, and Tuesdays at 6pm during the summer. Dragon boating is a wonderful, aerobic, full-body workout regardless of which practice you attend. 

  • Participants should be sure that they RSVP for practices no later than 24 hours prior, so that coaches can organize staff and training plans.
  • New to dragon boat paddlers may try the sport out for free for the first 3 sessions.  Thereafter, membership is $140 per year, and includes access to SUP, outrigger canoe, and kayak.

See the below links for further information, particularly for beginners.

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