The new platform has a lot of great features.  If you are looking for step-by-step help, here are some documents to help you until you get used to how things work. We will be adding help documents as we go, but if there is something you need that is not addressed here, let us know, and we will address it.

How to Register
About Your Profile
Registering for Races
Booking Practices and Equipment

The Events Module for Administrators
Formatting Like a Boss

Other FAQ

Q:  Is there an app?
A:  No.  The new platform is entirely integrated into our web site.  However, if you want the ease of an app, you can put a shortcut on your device.  You can find instructions for both Android and iPhone here.  

Q:  I used to be able to e-mail my teammates through Team Cowboy, or look up their phone numbers on the roster.  Where do I do that now?
A: Teammates that have agreed to share their e-mail and phone number are now located on a roster that is accessible from the navigation bar. It is updated approximately once per quarter to catch new members.