This page contains the latest in Club SAKE’s response to the pandemic conditions. Some information here is duplicated in other sections of this web site, but this is a page for all things pandemic.

Effective July 11, 2023, the club has suspended all Covid-related policies and protocols.

With the downward trend of hospitalizations and deaths, the CDC, HHS, and WHO have recognized the end of the federal and international Public Health Emergency declaration. COVID is thought to be transitioning from a pandemic to endemic state. In this phase, those who are unvaccinated are at greater risk of contracting COVID and pose a low risk to vaccinated members.  The Club SAKE board strongly encourages members to receive COVID vaccinations and boosters when eligible and keep them up to date. 

Existing Club SAKE protocols regarding exposure are also revoked. If anyone experiences symptoms indicative of any contagious illness (such as a cold, flu etc), or just generally feels unwell, they should refrain from attending practice or any other in-person club events.  Performing an at home COVID test when unwell is strongly recommended.  

If anyone does test positive for COVID they need to quarantine for 5 days, and should always refer to CDC and Washington State protocols.  

Ultimately, this is a team sport and we should ensure that we respect our teammates by minimizing exposures and providing the safest environment we can to enjoy our time together on the water.