Our paddling activities are accessible to paddlers of all levels of experience and fitness levels.  Club SAKE welcomes visitors, who can try three sessions before deciding if they would like to become members.

  • Due to water conditions, Saturday practices are designated for dragon boat visitors, as Tuesday evenings can be very rough from busy boat traffic. There is no specific visitor day for SUP, kayak, or outrigger canoe.
  • All visitors should begin by contacting our Membership Manager, who will help prepare you for your first session. This includes visitors who are friends and family of members.
  • If you are coming for dragon boat or outrigger canoe, you must be fully vaccinated and have had your first booster, if eligible. Before the first practice, visitors must send a copy of their vaccination record to the Communications Manager, showing dates of vaccinations and vaccine received. SUP and kayak visitors are welcome regardless of vaccination status, because physical distancing is easier to maintain for safety.
  • The Membership Manager will give instructions on registering for practice, depending on whether you are a guest in a regular practice, or are joining a Dragon Boat 101 event.
  • Visitors must RSVP for practice at least 24 hours prior to practice.
  • When joining a regular dragon boat practice, arrive 30 minutes early, so that you can be fitted for equipment and given some instruction.
  • At any practice, a Health Coach will ask if you have had any symptoms of illness or been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 10 days.  If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you will not be allowed to attend practice. Note: Due to the closeness and length of time we spend together in dragon boats or outrigger canoes, our club defines "exposure" as ANY exposure, not the CDC definition of exposure (currently 15 minutes or more at 6 feet or less of distance).

Club SAKE provides paddles, PFDs, and a waterproof place to keep your valuables – all you need to bring is water, and be sure you are dressed comfortably for exercise on the water as the current weather conditions indicate. This generally means dressing in layers, so that clothing can be added or removed as needed.  Avoid cotton, as it can make you cold when it gets wet.  Wool, silk, and synthetic fabrics are best. Wear shoes that can get wet. Consider bringing a dry change of clothes and perhaps a towel. Bring your sense of adventure, and expect to have fun and get wet!

Parking at Leschi Sailboat Moorage is available in the parking lot or on the street.  If using the parking lot, be aware that the water-facing spots require a marina permit, and you will be ticketed if you park there.  Also, please do not leave valuables in your car, as break-ins happen occasionally.